Customer Joint Risk and Issues Log used . Project Risk and Issues Log Updated Programme Issues Log Updated with Assigned Actions Project/Risk and Issue Review. Held every two weeks Project Issues can be emailed to the Risk Manager any time for... Identify risks to be escalated to customer for monthly joint... Is this the initial review or periodic risk review. Initial project risk review based on risk checklist in the... Process repeats for the next Joint Risk Review Cycle Actions assigned and source risk logs updated Customer/Supplier Joint Risk Review Project Plan with risk impact assessment.  This may be produced... Significant project Riskss escalated to Fortnightly  evaluation... Significant project Issues escalated to Programme Issues Log... Updated Programme risk and Issues Log.  Actions assigned. Completed Project Risk log with impact assessment. Update Project Plan to record impact of risk Project Risk Logs initially populated or updated Create Project Risk/Issue Log based on template and Bid Plan... Project Risk Log \RisksIssuesLog-Template V-latest.xlsm  It... Project Risk/Issue Management